Russell brand on Ottawa

Tabloid fodder, movie star, funny man, & insightful socio-political commentator? Why… Yes! "The incidents in Ottawa are being used to advance a narrative that will not only entitle them to further wars abroad, but will entitle them to inhibit our freedoms" - Russell Brand

Here is Russell Brand on Ottawa,Harper,
War, & loss of freedoms.

I’ve only just discovered Russell’s YouTube channel with this episode. If you’d like to check out his other episodes click here:

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Canadian Armed Forces

A clarification regarding & a message to the Canadian Armed Forces

A clarification regarding & a message to the Canadian Armed Forces
No judgement or condemnation I make of Canada’s political/military activity is ever meant to diminish the valour, dedication, & sacrifices of the Canadian Men & Women who choose to be our Protectors.

Whether I agree with the decisions that direct our Armed Forces is irrelevant, they are above the political mire of our /Leaders/.

The serving Canadians of the RCAF, RCN, & Canadian Army honour us with their service.

At times with their very lives.

For the above & more I Thank You.


Double Vision Vancouver

Under the banner of Double Vision Vancouver someone or someones have made a series of parody posters.

Pointing out what they believe to be discrepancies between what Vision Vancouver promised & what they delivered.

If the subject matter weren’t as serious/important they would garner a laugh.

As is they got a jaded chuckle from me.

Let me know what you think here in the comments or on twitter.