Fassbender Pro-Strike?



While it has been many years… The last time Peter Fassbender spoke on Corporal Punishment was when he called for it to be re-instituted for school in British Columbia. Since being granted the sub-throne of Minister of Education he has refused all requests to update this position.

While I am 100% opposed to children being hit, especially in schools, I do wonder to myself if p’raps our Government needs a good stiff smack on the hiney.

Education Minister Fassbender Believes in Corporal Punishment.


Background on Minister Fassbender’s stance on hitting children in our Public Schools.

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Christy Clark & Gaza

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disclosure: I have auto cc:’d myself to have a true count of emails sent should she/her office deny receipt or fail to respond.

Christy Clark, OUR Premier, has taken it upon herself to speak for every single person in British Columbia & declare that we all both support & side with Israel in the ongoing horror that the world MSM has so politely dubbed The Gaza Conflict.

Her action so incensed me that, rather than stick to my typical short form – quippy – textbite – 140 character observations, opinions, & attempts to find humour in the gloom that is our reality, I composed an Open Letter. Those of you who know me will understand the significance of the difference.

Before I present the letter I need to state clearly: I am not making any judgements or expressing any opinion on the stance Ms. Clark has taken. I am Wise enough to know that while I have an awareness of the history, politics, & parties involved in the horrors of events in & around The Gaza Strip… & I most certainly have an opinion. This is not the appropriate time for that discussion. This is entirely about her abuse of her position & office.

An open letter to Christy Clark from @WiseRiseInfo regarding her blanket statement of support from BC on the horrors occurring in the Gaza Strip

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Below, in addition to the formatted image version of the letter I have sent to Ms. Clark, is a plain text version of the letter.

Ms. Clark, You are the leader of the BC Liberals & by extension the Premier of British Columbia.

You are meant to be a Leader. To guide British Columbia during your time in office & into the future. Your stewardship should be guided & informed through consultative practices. With the Populace, Vetted Experts, Thinkers, Scientists, Researchers, Educators, & others as appropriate.

However, regardless of my personal feelings on directions you take, decisions you make, your moral & ethical conduct as /Leader/ of this province: You overstep your bounds, you exceed your authority, & you most certainly betray the trust The Electorate have put in you & your party.

To declare on behalf of British Columbians a PROVINCIAL stance on the atrocities occurring in & around The Gaza Strip, beyond ‘our sympathies are with all who are caught in the violence & upheaval’ is unacceptable!

That you dare to presume that you have either the authority or the clarity to speak on behalf of the citizenry on this issue is frankly disgusting. You are not the Prime Minister of Canada, who may have such authority…

You betray all in BC who do not share your cut & dry view or sentiment. Worse: you betray & fail to represent those of Palestinian/Israeli/Egyptian/Jewish/Islamic background & faith. You disrespect those who have lost family or loved ones on any side of the conflict.

The issue is far too complex for you, as a provincial politician, to have a comprehension full enough to declare a stance on behalf of the people of British Columbia. If your statement represents your personal belief: it should be kept to your personal life. Any public statement from an office holder, even framed as personal, is inherently seen as representative of their electorate. Also wholly unacceptable in this case.

You consult the public on industry exploration of our parks & revising liquor laws on the premise of your desire to provide representational/informed leadership… Yet you declare a position on our behalf without our input. Even then it would be corrupt.

Your attention needs to be here at home. There are far too many issues needing full attention & thought in British Columbia & Canada. Your actions communicate a very evident desire to appear powerful & influential in a bigger arena.

You owe the people of British Columbia a full apology for your conduct in this matter.


Citizen of Canada
Resident of British Columbia

This open letter is not a statement on the suffering, atrocities or politics of The Gaza Conflict. Christy Clark’s presumptuous position statement on our behalf is the issue. I address only the abuse of her office/position not the veracity or content of her statements.

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